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Electromagnetic Stimulation
When a powerful, pulsed magnetic field passes through a good
conductor like a human body, an eddy current is created and this
bioelectric current has an effect on tissues in the human body
through an electrophysiological mechanism. The muscles in our
body contract because the motor nerves connected to muscle
tissues become stimulated. Also, the bioelectric current has an
electrophysiological effect on our sensory nerves, blood vessels
and bone tissues as well.
MR Inc. has been developing and manufacturing
Electromagnetic stimulation device since 2004
  • Perfomance
  • Stability
  • Economical
  • Convenience
  • Technology


MAGREX Multipurpose Electromagnetic Stimulation Device
  • TMS
  • 7.5Tesla
  • 30 Basic Programs,
    30 Custom Programs
  • Coil cooling system
  • 10inch touch screen
NEURO MS Magnetic Stimulation device
  • 3Tesla
  • 5Auto mode,
    5Memory mode
  • Coil cooling system
NEURO MSL A combination of Laser and Electro -Magnetic Stimulator
  • 3Tesla
  • 5Auto mode,
    5Memory mode
  • Coil cooling system
  • Low output laser
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical
    Medicine and
  • Pain
  • Urology and